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Blind Rivet Nut Series
Flat Head Column Grain Rivet Nut
Flat Head Rivet Nut
Small Countersunk Head Column Grain Rivet Nut
Small Countersunk Head Rivet Nut
Flat Head Half Hex Rivet Nut
Flat Head Hex Rivet Nut
Heavy Countersunk Head Rivet Nut
Blind Rivet Nut
American Style Rivet Nut
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Weldig Co.,Ltd. Hebei Branch Shaped Fasteners was set up by Hebei Electric Welding Machine Co., Ltd. in 1995, and it was approved by ISO900 and TS16949 international quality system certification. The company produces a variety of family sizes and materials GB, American and German-style rivet nuts, rivet studs fasteners and other shaped products. The annual output capacity is more than 300 million pieces. Our equipment and tecnics are punchased from foreign country, and our company has strong technical force and complete inspection facilities, especially blind rivet studs has filled the domestic blank, besides, it has got the patent of china.

Blind Rivet Nut also called Rafah Nut or Rafah Cap , major products of our company are patent products of China , also won the title of State Class New Product in 2000, patent number of blind rivet nut is ZL97216014.0, patent number of blind rivet stud is ZL9921975.9. Blind rivet studs series products are exclusively produced by the company now. Product standard is GB/T17780.1—6 and  Q/HH02—05—1999.

Hebei Province branch shaped fasteners Welding Co., Ltd.owns scientific research and technology management with high quality ,and introduces some advaced foreign production and testing equipment ,providing a reliable quality assurance for the production of high –quality products. Our products are exported to European countries ,the U.S.A., and Southeast Asians countries and well received home and abroad.


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